How it Works

Give the Gift of Financial Literacy. Our Sessions Cover the Basics of:

- Where can I invest? Why should I invest? How do I know what to buy and when to sell? What are the tax implications of investing in different of accounts? I want to understand the basics and have someone to walk me through the logistics.








Orientation Classes

Book us as part of your new employee orientation program. As they are opening a new and exciting chapter in their lives, help them start out on the right path.  The earlier one gets a handle on their spending and savings and how to invest that money, the unequivocally better off they will be in the future.   

"The information you share is so helpful and I appreciate your approach to explaining everything in such an easy to understand language." - Allison


Show your most valuable employees your commitment to their development by offering a Wealthology session as a perk with their most recent promotion.  Add 'Financial Literacy Training' to the other benefits your company provides such as: company sponsored reitirement plans, tuition assistance, flexible schedules and access to conferences and seminars.  

"I wish, more than anything, someone had given me this information sooner." - Jason


Empower the women of your company to take control of their finances.  Women live longer, make less, are more likely to take time off from their career to start a family, and may have the tendency to pass the buck on important money matters.  Help us help them change that.   

"After attending a Wealthology session, I felt empowered! I have the ability to make a difference in my financial situation. I learned more than I could have imagined in a brief time. I have an investment portfolio now! I can't believe it!" - Lisa


Brown bag it one day to learn about incredibly important but neglected topics such as: investment products, debt management, savings or investment logistics.  Wealthology can be offered to any group that expresses an interest in learning more about their financial wellness and how to make the most of their earnings.   

"I always thought this stuff was overwhelming and complicated but it really isn't. I feel like I am starting out on the right foot and I am so grateful. As a newly hired employee at a large Accounting firm I really feel like I have an advantage over my counterparts when it comes to my personal finances and savings because of what I learned in a Wealthology session. I'll take that information with me wherever I go." -Matt

The max you can contribute to an IRA from now through 2019 is $6,000. That’s $16 a day. In 40 years that would be worth $1.3m. #maxitout