Yale University - Wealthology 101

Yale University - Wealthology 101



After fifteen years of working in Finance, primarily at Citigroup and Barclays Bank PLC, Casey Halliley founded Wealthology 101 to educate young professionals on the fundamentals of their personal finances.  Understanding a few concepts and tools can change someone’s wealth in a material way and, Casey believes, the earlier you learn these things, the better off you will be.  She knows most financial concepts are simple, but the details are complex, so she makes her sessions encouraging, logical & immediately actionable.   

When she’s not showing at-risk teens how high interest rates are analogous to a beaker of water overflowing, or speaking at a corporate training program, you’ll find her cooking, devouring books, or carpooling her four kids around town. 

Casey has her BA with a Major in Sociology and a Minor in Public and Community Service from Providence College and her Masters in Public Administration specializing in Finance from NYU.   She spent the bulk of her career working on the trading floor at Citibank - in Foreign Exchange (FX), and Barclays Bank PLC, in Structured Credit Products (SCP) trading; Credit Default Swaps (CDS), Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO), CDS on Asset Backed Securities (CDS on ABS), Bespoke Collateralized Synthetic Obligations (CSO) and any other product with a three-letter acronym she could find.   Since 2012 she has worked at Cove Capital Management, a Registered Investment Advisor.   Casey started Wealthology 101 to teach young professionals the things she wished someone had taught her when she was starting out.