Course Offerings

corporate group or individual sessions


Wealthology 101 - How to Make the Most of Your Earnings. Covering topics such as pre-tax retirement programs, understanding and managing debt, investing, saving & spending.  The aim of this session is to make your employees feel empowered by showing them that what they do with their earnings is much more important than what they actually earn.  Starting early is the key to success.


Wealthology 201 - Everything You Need to Know to Start Investing.  WHY you need to be investing, WHAT you need to know and HOW to actually do it. The aim of this session is to empower people to be able to invest with confidence.  


Wealthology 301 – Wealthology, For The Slightly More Advanced.  This covers topics typically faced as we start to earn more and settle down including: insurance, 529 plans, investing, investing in real estate, charitable giving, automobiles, credit scores etc.  The aim of this session is to dig deeper into personal finance topics we start to face as our lives become more complex.