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How I Started Investing

People ask me all the time how I started investing.   Would you believe me if I said it started with a Diet Raspberry Snapple habit? 

For years, I bought a Diet Raspberry Snapple every single day – for $2.11.    I paid with bills and left the change in the tip jar at the deli counter.   Every.  Day.  

So, not only could I not remember the last day I hadn’t bought a Diet Raspberry Snapple, but I was paying $3.00 for a $2.11 drink!  

I calculated what I would have spent on Snapples over the course of a 40-year career.    $43,800.   On Snapples.  

Gross, right?


Then, I decided to see what I could potentially make if I invested that $3 a day over the same period - 40 years.   

$242,000.    Almost a quarter of a million dollars.  


I started investing that day.   Would you believe me if I said the decision to get started was the hardest part?



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Casey Halliley