Educating young professionals in the basics of financial literacy.

Becoming wealthy is not about how much you make, it’s what you do with the little bit you get to keep.
— Casey Halliley, Chief Educating Officer

Advocating for employee financial literacy through workshops and curated training.

Millennials are self-starting, experiential, and well educated.  But many of them are entering an increasingly competitive skilled workforce, while they are saddled with debt, and less likely to have the security of pensions and Social Security than generations before them.   Studies have shown these issues take a toll on young professionals.  Financial concerns are a major source of stress for workers, and alleviating that stress has been shown to lead to a happier, more productive and loyal workforce.

It takes most people decades to get a handle on their personal finances, and by that time they've missed a huge opportunity: the chance to start early.   Unequivocally, the earlier one starts to get a grip on their debt management, savings and investments, the more financial flexibility they will enjoy in their future.

Give your employees the gift of financial literacy with Wealthology 101.   Our trainer comes to your workplace and delivers a customized session to your employees.   They will leave feeling hopeful and capable, and with an actionable toolkit they can use to take control of their earnings, debt and investments.




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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.
— chinese proverb


yale university

Casey was a wonderfully articulate teacher who used a customized, easy to grasp presentation format.   She made financial literacy an engaging lecture that left everyone in the room with newfound confidence and understanding about how to think clearly and realistically about future earnings and debt management.   We highly recommend Casey and Wealthology!

- Jim Henry, Head Swimming and Diving Coach, Yale University & Alexis Katz Co-Chair Career Development, Yale Swimming and Diving Alumni Association

Columbia business school

The information Casey from Wealthology shared with our MBA students should be considered mandatory learning for all students and young professionals. 

- Assistant Director, Heilbrunn Center for Graham and Dodd Investing Columbia Business School

Beyond Employee benefit standards

I have been a recruiter for nearly 20 years working with HR professionals in the finance and professional services industries.  During this time, I have noticed a significant shift in what my candidates are looking for. Professionals today, particularly Millennials, seek benefits beyond the standard, which will enrich their lives outside of work. I think any organization would be well advised to consider offering Wealthology sessions to their employees. 

—  Andrea Weetman, Managing Director, The Atlantic Group


I had the great pleasure of attending a Wealthology session led by Casey Halliley, whose knowledge and guidance I so very much appreciated. In less than an hour, I left with a better topline understanding of how to effectively manage my personal finances and with some neat little tricks and tips that will help me save money. Casey taught me that I can make a few minor spending adjustments in my everyday life, and that these minor sacrifices will actually benefit me in a much greater way later on.  I wish there was a course like this offered to me when I was just starting out in my career as I can only imagine how much more I would have been able to save!  

- Dana Lieberman, Director, Viacom


Casey is the real deal - informative, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate about financial literacy. She really covered a wide array of personal finance topics that provided extremely useful and tactical information to our team, most of whom are in their 20s and 30s. I've never seen them so riveted! She also stayed true to her word in terms of being available for individual questions and follow up with employees - for months afterwards. (Thank you, Casey). It was really clear from the team's rapt attention and ongoing follow up that practical financial literacy can be a gap in learning for most (through no fault of their own) and is of true value as an associate learning tool that an employer can provide. ELOQUII highly recommends.

-Mariah Chase, CEO, Eloquii



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Would your employees be happier and more productive if we:

  • gave them simple tools and tips to manage their student loan or credit card debt

  • set them up to save $125,000 simply by paying their mortgage down sooner

  • offered a topline explanation of how income tax and capital gains tax affects them

  • discussed how to maximize the benefits of their company sponsored retirement plan

  • explained the basics of investing during their lunch hour ...

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